Started as a small firm, our company has become a modern, medium-sized enterprise, which has grown with its tasks and is now one of the best known logistic architects.

In the RTSB branch offices our expert-teams are at your disposal.

The organization of container transport has been part of the main line of business since the founding of RTSB. Today, after more than 15 years within the logistic world, customers such as well-known shipping companies appreciate our services. Thanks to our highly trained and multilingual staff, but also competitive freight rates and the use of the latest IT technologies, we are always a step ahead.
RTSB is a service-oriented transportation company, which centers the development of new and the optimization of current transport routes in intermodal rail freight forwarding. Thus, RTSB creates significant benefits for freight forwarders and shippers in terms of flexibility, reliability, price stability and monitoring of the entire transport chain.


The best way for your cargo!

The best way for your cargo!

In the wake of the current political circumstances, which are impacting the logistic services within the Eurasian Transit Corridors, importers and exporters have to keep an eye out for short-term changes. If you are uncertain about the best way to ship your goods – RTSB will help you which option is best for you. The…