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Katarina Hamburg – Brest

Katarina Hamburg – Brest

After a successful test run and the increasing interest for direct railway transportation service between Germany, Poland and Belarus, RTSB GmbH starts up the container train with the name “Katarina” in the regular operation with weekly departure times.

Freight rates for various relations of rail transportation from Hamburg and antenna prices via Hamburg to the CIS can be found here.

Further CIS-destinations as well as direct prices from Hamburg to Brest can be requested by the addresses below:

Container transport:
Shipments by wagon:
Shipments by truck (LTL, FTL):


The container train “Katarina” from Hamburg via Brest to your CIS destinations

The direct non-stop train “Katarina” arrives from Eurokombi to Brest within just 48 hours.

Quick turnaround times and a fast reliable handling in Hamburg and Brest raise the significance of the new rail service of the RTSB.

The railway terminal Hamburg-Billwerder is one of the most modern transshippment points in Europe and serves as an interface between rail and road. The broad range of services of RTSB in Hamburg extends from trucking to a short-time supply of ISO-containers from our own stock.

In particular, the reduced transit time from the central and northern European region, the arrival in the middle of the CIS Gateway Brest and the possibility to forward containers from here fast and safe to their destinations further speak for the attractiveness of our rail service.

Owing to the contract with Belintertrans-Germany GmbH (BITG), the logistics department of Belorussian railway, the RTSB benefits from a very good and reliable border service in Brest. The transhipment of containers from narrow to broad gauge wagons (both on private and railway-owned wagons) is carried out quickly and in non-bureaucratic way.


Schedule Westbound

Closing for BookingClosing for DeliveryTrain DepartureTrain Arrivalspace availableRoundtrip Ref
06/05/201706/06/201706/07/201706/09/20176 TEUKW232017
06/06/201706/07/201706/08/201706/10/20176 TEUKW232017_2
06/07/201706/08/201706/09/201706/11/20176 TEUKW232017_HEF
06/10/201706/11/201706/12/201706/14/20176 TEUKW242017
06/13/201706/14/201706/15/201706/17/20176 TEUKW242017_2
06/14/201706/15/201706/16/201706/18/20176 TEUKW242017_HEF
06/18/201706/19/201706/20/201706/22/20176 TEUKW252017
06/20/201706/21/201706/22/201706/24/20176 TEUKW252017_2
06/21/201706/22/201706/23/201706/25/20176 TEUKW252017_HEF
06/25/201706/26/201706/27/201706/29/20176 TEUKW262017
06/28/201706/29/201706/30/201707/02/20176 TEUKW262017_HEF
07/02/201707/03/201707/04/201707/06/20176 TEUKW272017
07/05/201707/06/201707/07/201707/09/20176 TEUKW272017_HEF
07/09/201707/10/201707/11/201707/13/20176 TEUKW282017
07/12/201707/13/201707/14/201707/16/20176 TEUKW282017_HEF


Schedule Eastbound

Closing for BookingClosing for DeliveryTrain DepartureTrain Arrivalspace availableRoundtrip Ref
06/02/201706/03/201706/04/201706/06/201788 TEUKW222017_HEF
06/07/201706/08/201706/09/201706/11/2017fully bookedKW232017
06/08/201706/09/201706/10/201706/12/2017fully bookedKW232017_2
06/09/201706/10/201706/11/201706/13/201788 TEUKW232017_HEF
06/12/201706/13/201706/14/201706/16/2017fully bookedKW242017
06/15/201706/16/201706/17/201706/19/2017fully bookedKW242017_2
06/16/201706/17/201706/18/201706/20/201788 TEUKW242017_HEF
06/20/201706/21/201706/22/201706/24/2017fully bookedKW252017
06/22/201706/23/201706/24/201706/26/2017fully bookedKW252017_2
06/23/201706/24/201706/25/201706/27/201788 TEUKW252017_HEF
06/27/201706/28/201706/29/201707/01/2017fully bookedKW262017
06/30/201707/01/201707/02/201707/04/201788 TEUKW262017_HEF
07/04/201707/05/201707/06/201707/08/2017fully bookedKW272017
07/07/201707/08/201707/09/201707/11/201788 TEUKW272017_HEF
07/11/201707/12/201707/13/201707/05/2017fully bookedKW282017
07/14/201707/15/201707/16/201707/18/201788 TEUKW282017_HEF