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Silk Train

Silk Train – Caucasian Land Bridge

Silk Train – Caucasian Land Bridge


In 2013, the state railway companies of Azerbaijan and Georgia signed an agreement to increase the competitiveness of rail compared to the truck and to attract freight flows from/to Europe, Turkey, Middle East and China. The project „CONTAINER TRAIN POTI-BAKU“ was established to create a cost effective and fast rail route, connecting Europe and China.

Since the 15-th July 2014, the container train with the name „Silk-Train“ runs from the Georgian port of Poti and arrives in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, within just 34 hours.

Our subsidiary InterModTrans GmbH, with headquarters in Friedrichsdorf/Germany, is the official operator of the container train „Silk-Train“. Together with InterModTrans GmbH the RTSB maintains an office in Tbilisi/Georgia. Our on-site staff is well-informed about the customs rules in the railway freight forwarding and has the necessary knowledge of the characteristics of the transit-traffic on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border.

Formation of trains at Poti container terminal:

• Maximum number of containers: ca. 50 FEU (Forty-foot Equivalent Unit)
• Maximum number of flat cars: 25 / max. tensile load 1,900 t
• Use of MPS wagons as required

Roundtrip route Poti 57220 – Baku 54700 (Kishly):

• Via Georgia: 400 km
• Via Azerbaijan: 503 km

Transit time 34 hours for a blocktrain with a least 20 wagons:

• Including all control and handling procedures at border stations in
Gardabani (Georgia) and Beyuk-Kisyak (Azerbaijan)

Tracking & Tracing:

• Two times a day by email or by logging in to the company website of RTSB GmbH –

Our Services:

• Rail freight projects
• Block train operations
• Container freight quotation
• Routing
• Packing & repacking
• Customs clearance
• Financial guarantees
• Terminal handling services
• Security and insurance for goods
• Document management, SMGS preparation