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Conventional Transports

Conventional Transports

Our core services do also include organization and planning of volume shipments of oversized or heavy goods, which are transported by us in broad gauge railway wagons.

We arrange both the pre-carriage of the goods or delivery to the final destination by trucks and supervised reloading of the goods into provided freight wagons.

Depending on the type of goods and the place of loading, there is a selection of different routes with the transshipment either in Mukran, Brest, Chop, Vilnius or Riga.

The RTSB has contracts with European railway transport companies and, as an official Russian freight forwarder, offers the best conditions on the entire Russian railway network. The years of experience and cooperation with the Russian Railways RŽD have evolved into a powerful connection in the east-west traffic. The trust in our company on the part of railways is particularly reflected, for example, in the short-term and permanent supply of private and railway-owned single wagon or wagon groups.

Handling facilities and services:

• Handling of heavy lift and project cargo with crane
• Conventional handling of packaged and palletized goods
• Handling of chemicals/hazardous goods
• Reloading of packaged or palletized goods as well as project cargo
• Load securing and storage
• Customs procedures: import and export customs clearance
• Subsequent orders
• Creating of sketches/drawings by our own staff
• Close cooperation with the shipping lines
• Documentary procedure with pictures and videos