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IT Services

IT Services


Networked, flexible and highly efficient. The combination of logistics and the development of modern IT systems strengthen our position in the transport industry.

Early on, RTSB recognized the importance of IT for the planning and execution of Eurasian rail transportations. On the other hand the international presence in Europe, Russia and Central Asia requires a platform, connecting employees, partners and customers. No matter how complex the forwarding operations are, transportation software has to give you real-time information and tools that help at any time and any place. These issues have brought RTSB to define at least five core requirements for the development of an enterprise resource planning and control system:

• Process mapping of the entire intermodal transport chain, from purchasing, scheduling, sales and billing
• Web-based access via browser and Smartphone
• Permanent accessibility with highly available server architecture
• High scalability of the data processing
• Multilingualism (GER, EN, RU, CN)

Reliability and expertise with the professional program myTransoffice®

Starting out as an in-house programming, the current production and development of the logistics software myTransoffice® takes place in a stand-alone company, the Transoffice GmbH in Friedrichsdorf / Germany.

The advantage of our IT solutions is the rapid response time to changes in the logistics world. At the same time, we can provide customized solutions for complex projects, with solutions such as the use of RFID and GPS technologies in the monitoring process. A seamless integration with other IT systems for the exchange of relevant shipping documents and electronic bills are also part of the functionality of myTransoffice®.