In recent years, we’ve observed substantial transformations in Eurasian connectivity. The Middle Corridor, recognized as the geographically shortest route between China and the EU, has attracted significant attention, with China’s investments playing a pivotal role in fortifying trade connectivity.
Despite facing challenges such as limited railway and seaport capacities, a lack of unified tariff processes, and delayed digitalization of port operations, the Middle Corridor achieved an impressive 64% increase in delivered cargo in the early months of 2023. This growth highlights the resilience and potential of this strategic route.

Notably, in October, the national railways of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia formalized an agreement to establish a joint venture. This initiative aims to enhance multimodal services on the Middle Corridor, adopting a one-stop-shop approach, guaranteeing delivery times, and implementing a coordinated policy for developing multimodal services on the China–Europe/Türkiye–China route.

For nearly a decade, RTSB has been an active player on the Middle Corridor, integrating routes and enhancing connectivity to provide a superior transport solution. Contact us for more info as well as bookings.

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