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Block Train Operations

One of our main services at RTSB is container block train operation from Europe to China and vice versa.


What We Do

 Container train services between Europe and China are our flagship product.

Map of Eurasia showing train routes between Europe and China

We conveniently serve the southern route via Dostyk and Khorgos (Kazakhstan) as well as the northern route via Zabaykalsk (Russia) and Erenhot (Mongolia).

Additionally, the New Silk Route via Turkey and the Caspian Sea offers fast and reliable connections.

Map of Public Train routes between Brest and European Destinations

At the gateway Brest forwarding options to all terminals in the CIS, Mongolia and China, as well as to European freight stations are available.

All trains on Polish and German territory are operated by our railway carrier ERC – Eurasian Railway Carrier.

Find out more about our block train departures and arrivals:

But we don’t stop here!

Excellent connections and direct access to block trains, single wagon trains and feeder ships make it possible for us to send your cargo as far as the European hinterland.

Map of Europe showing intermodal connections to hinterland hubs

We take care of your shipment – ALL THE WAY!

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The key advantage of rail freight compared to sea and road transport is a reduction in transit time resulting in shorter delivery times from the place of loading to the destination railway terminal. 

Transit from Europe to China by rail only takes 10-14 days.

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Up to 50% more time efficient than sea freight.
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Up to 65% more cost efficient than air freight.
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Up to 75% less emissions than other freight options.
Map showing alternative gateways to the main hub Brest leading into Europe

Alternative routes:

In addition to the gateway Brest, we run trains through the new rail corridor Kaliningrad / Grodno.

We are currently operating two trains a week on the route Kaliningrad – Duisburg.

From Kaliningrad we provide access to the short sea for connections to Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands as well as Poland and the Baltic ports, allowing massive synergy effects in price and transit time.

Alternative block train routes via Riga and Svisloch have also proven effective and stable in terms of operations and transit time.

The ‘Gateway to the East’ starts in Friedrichsdorf.


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