A new, joint, end-to-end multimodal service from Xian (China) via Altynkol (Kazakhstan) and Kaliningrad (Russia) to Immingham (UK) was successfully tested and is planned to become a regular product from May 2021.

After establishing a sea link between Kaliningrad and Hamburg in 2020, this combined service will now be extended to the UK, running twice a week.
The first trial transport left Xian on March 17th, was transloaded in Kaliningrad on April 2nd and reached the port of Imminham two days later, on April 4th.
With a transit time of only 16-18 days between Xian and Immingham this direct sea link offers a reliable connection via the Baltic and North Sea, following fixed sea line schedules. It provides a great alternative to land-based container transportation to the UK, through the Euro tunnel, utilizing the capacities of the port of Kaliningrad. Given the growing demand for transportation on the China-Europe-China line this new route will allow for more flexibility and stable transit times by avoiding bottle necks and easing customs processes. Shipments on this route bypass the European Economic Area, thus avoiding additional customs declaration and controls in Europe.

The joint transport solution is provided by RTSB GmbH, UTLC ERA, Belintertrans-Germany GmbH (BITG), RZDL and ITLG.
RTSB and BITG contribute cargo and organize the direct sea link to the port of Immingham with their dedicated vessel.
UTLC ERA and RZDL provide 1520 mm gauge railway transportation between Altynkol and the Port of Kaliningrad.
ITLG supplies rail transportation on Chinese territory.



„RTSB has been pioneering in establishing new gateways and hinterland connections and with an always growing demand in transportation along the Eurasian corridor it is time for us to further integrate the UK to the BRI. This direct sea link via Kaliningrad adds a great option to the services portfolio already offered. It is important to create new gateways in order to develop and grow our market, facing the current shift to rail freight transportation. Spreading out traffic between different border crossings and using multimodal solutions is essential in order to provide superior solutions to our customers.”



“The Kaliningrad line has a great transit potential and can accommodate up to a 4-fold increase in the transportation volume. Transit container transportation in the China-Europe-China multimodal format is already performed in a test mode utilizing ports located in the Kaliningrad Region and transporting cargo from Chinese provinces to EU countries (United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries, Belgium, The Netherlands, and etc.) and the USA, and back. When these services become regular, this will signify a new growth point for the transit potential of 1,520 mm gauge. “


RZDL – Russian Railway Operator:

“In the current situation, the development of transport and logistics infrastructure and the creation of new opportunities to optimize transit traffic with the participation of other promising directions and transport options is very important. The new route will provide consumers with goods distribution services across the UK, giving the shipper the freedom to choose options for delivering goods from China to the UK and in the opposite direction. “

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